January 2016

An audio celebration of the American Medical Writers Association

The American Medical Writers Association celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2015. As Editor-in-Chief of the AMWA Journal, I developed a special project to record conversations of AMWA members as they discussed their work as medical writers and editors. The conversations are all available at amwa.podbean.com.

Here is how we introduced the series in the AMWA Journal:

As the American Medical Writers Association celebrates its 75th anniversary, the AMWA Journal is celebrating the individuals who together form AMWA. We extended an open invitation to AMWA members to step forward and hold conversations with each other about, well, almost anything, so long as there was a connection to the theme of medical writing and editing careers or to AMWA. We wanted to hear the voices of AMWA.

A lot has changed since 1940, when a group of 6 physicians interested in medical writing came together to form the Mississippi Valley Medical Editors Association, which was renamed in 1948 to broaden the group’s appeal. Today, AMWA has thousands of members. Although AMWA remains a predominantly US-focused organization, with a strong contingent in Canada, 38 countries are represented on our current membership rolls. We still have physician members, of course, but we also have members who trained as pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians, biologists, epidemiologists, journalists, teachers, and many other professions. We are united by a common interest in the communication of medical information and united in furthering our training and understanding of medical communication.

Of course, I particularly enjoyed getting to take part in one of the conversations myself.

—Victoria White

AMWA Voices 12