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Review Without Peer specializes in the management of editorial offices for peer-reviewed academic journals. We offer a broad range of services, with the ultimate goal of creating high-quality journals. We understand that peer-review managers are involved in all stages of journal publishing, creating opportunities every step of the way for improving the product.  We want Journal Editors to be able to focus on scientific quality, while we worry about the rest.

What can we do

for your journal?

Create manuscript workflows to keep submissions moving quickly
Handle routine inquiries from authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members, and the production team so that Editors can focus on the scientific quality of submissions
Edit or proofread text to catch mistakes and improve readability
Edit graphics with vector software to enhance the visual appeal of journal pages
Train new members of the editorial team
Ensure that your journal operates in accordance with established ethical guidelines
Plan and record podcasts
Manage your social media presence